Are you interested in being part of a gym without the headaches of selling and hustling for clients that come with being an independent trainer or working at a big box gym?
Join our TEAM.

The fitness industry is filled with trainers who are:

  • burnt-out from an unsustainable schedule

  • have terrible & inconsistent pay that makes it a struggle to take the next step in life

  • can never make a serious impact with the people they coach because most gyms are a revolving door of clients & staff

Our vision is simple. We create extraordinary careers for trainers by focusing on these 3 major keys:

  • realistic schedules that are actually sustainable

  • competitive guaranteed hours & benefit packages

  • a platform to have real connections, relationships, and impact that helps change their clients' lives

We're looking for someone that wants the opportunity to coach in a gym that has a proven model to be highly successful and to enjoy a long career in this industry.

Here's what your role will look like:

  • Your Overall Mission: The leader and driver of TS Fitness personal training product & service is to keep clients engaged, happy, healthy and getting results.

  • Coaching: You will coach about 20-30 hours per week and be able to make a serious impact in the lives of your clients every single day and be known as a local expert.

  • Community building: Our goal is to make fitness as FUN as possible for our clients and make it easy for them to show up 2-4 times/week. Your job goes far past the sets, reps, & “X’s & O’s” of training. From the second your members walk through the door, they will be welcomed into the community and cared for & served to the highest standard.

  • Sales: Sales is not the sleazy word as many people make it out to be. You must sell to grow. We'll teach you our retention system that closes 90+% of the clients that walk through your doors.

  • Pay: We want to reward you for your hard work and dedication. Earn up to 60k plus bonuses, benefits, and incentives.